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With the beginning of the New Year, the trends and fashion change accordingly as well. Every person wants to stay up to date regarding the latest fashion trends and styles and staying on top of every fashion trend can be a little hectic and challenging for sure, especially in the times of fast paced world where trends just keep coming and going instantly. The same rule goes for jewelry as well. As always, the jewelry trends have been evolved in the beginning of the New Year and this article is here to guide you related to the latest jewelry trends and designs that will upgrade your accessories and outfit.

This guide presented by Stracys will answer all your fashion accessories related queries and will tell you about the latest jewelry trends. Furthermore, this guide will also provide you with tips and tricks on how to spice up your outfit with amazing accessories available at Stracys online store.

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Breathtaking Pearls to spruce your look.

If you want to go for a classier look then pearls are the solution to your problem. As usually seen in the TV dramas or movies, the wardrobe and outfits are accessorize in a way that portrays class and sophistication and if you are obsessed with it, we cannot really blame you because so are we!\

Stracys Store offers pearl pendant necklaces for women which will, for sure, elevate your entire look to the next level. They are either piled spectacularly or worn as a stylish choker: the epitome of elegance and taste. Whether in the shape of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or rings, there is something to be said for incorporating gorgeous real pearls into your outfit, even if you are not trying for quite the same appearance.

Pearls can take any ordinary ensemble to the next level by imparting a sense of elegance that does not have to be stuffy or old fashioned. We adore pearl jewelry that combines old world beauty with more modern design features, such as our beautiful pear pendant necklace.

Statement Pendant Necklaces.

Are you not sure if you want to wear pearls or layer necklaces? Consider whether you want to go for a bold style with some new statement pendant necklaces.

Statement necklaces can be large and eye-catching, or modest and interesting. They may truly liven up a monotonous ensemble with just one accessory, perhaps paired with other complementary smaller and more discreet pieces like gold cross necklace, square pendant necklace, silver or gold jewelry etc.

Statement pendant necklaces are available in a range of shapes and colors, including gemstones as well as silver and gold. Take a peek at what we have to offer such as 18k Gold Lock Pendant Necklace or Gold Peach Heart Pendant Necklace etc.

Lavish Hoop Earrings

Hoop Earrings have been a part of ornamental accessories since forever. This one type of jewelry is truly a timeless trend and stays trendy in all seasons. Hoop earrings are generally flattering and may be worn with nearly anything. Our very simple unending silver hoop earrings for women are a wonderful example of this, since they are an important wardrobe staple in anyone's jewelry collection.

Consider wearing more extravagant hoop earrings if you are ready to take it up a level. In our hoop earrings collection, you will find anything from basic but colorful beaded hoops to luxurious hoops that will swing and shine as you move. Our silver earrings for women also contains hoop earrings collection.

Stud Earrings for Women.

This trend complements a few of the others on the list. Silver bracelets for women, luxury rings, and other jewelry will look great with tiny stud earrings. They are also great for everyday use, so they will become a wardrobe staple. Simple little silver or gold stud earrings, such as our gold stud earrings for women, are an option. Alternatively, a small flash of color can be added with gemstone stud earrings (not so small that they will not be seen, but small enough!).

For some ideas, take a look at our stud earrings collection.

Charm Bracelets.

Beaded bracelets are similar to the colorful beads and pearl jewelry mentioned above, but they are easy to overlook. They can be fashioned of pearls, gemstones, or glass beads, and they will give color and interest to any clothing. You may also mix and match them with other beaded bracelets or more plain silver or gold bracelets or bangles to create a unique look. Experiment to see what works best for you.

High Quality

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